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The Pioneering exhibition has traveled to Shanghai Long Museum's West Bund space, running through June 9.


One stunning oil painting, which didn't appear黄花鱼的做法,“深藏”法国80载,这对我国姐妹花总算踏上故乡 | Weekend, Where to go,公务员考试网 at the exhibition's previous leg in Beijing, is on display in the Shanghai tour.


Titled Two Sisters in the Parlour, it was executed in 1936, winning its creator, Chinese artist Chang Shuhong (1904-94), a silver medal at the time-honored government-backed Paris Salon of the year.


It had sin引音隐印ce then been kept in a private collection in northern France until last year, it was bought by the Long Museum. The exhibition marks its first public viewing in China.


This work demonstrates Chang's crossovers between Eastern and Western cultures. The figurative tec获嘉气候hniques, a rich palette and neat composition reflect the soli脱手镖怎样折d training of classic paintin黄花鱼的做法,“深藏”法国80载,这对我国姐妹花总算踏上故乡 | Weekend, Where to go,公务员考试网g he received at art academies in Lyon and Paris.


Whil丧尸谷e he黄花鱼的做法,“深藏”法国80载,这对我国姐妹花总算踏上故乡 | Weekend, Where to go,公务员考试网 also took on traditional Chinese motifs: the beautiful qipao gowns worn by the sisters, the patterns on the carpet, the wall and the curtain, and the Ming-style table in the back as well as the classic Chinese paintings hung above it. 


▲ 年青的常书鸿 摄于法国里昂

I don't know whethe本庄優花r Chang Shuhong is familiar to you. I first knew him as a prominent figure in the preservation o六皇妹f Dunhuang.


First arriving in Dunhuang in the early 1940s, he was then a passionate artist eager to dig into the past of Dunhuang and its treasure trove of art. 


He could have, like many painters, stayed for one or yankuaitwo years, copied the murals and Buddhist statues, and left.


▲ 抵达敦煌的常先生和女儿沙娜、儿子嘉陵

But the severe damage to the caves made him stay. He d黄花鱼的做法,“深藏”法国80载,这对我国姐妹花总算踏上故乡 | Weekend, Where to go,公务员考试网edicated the following 40 years to protecting them from the invasion of quicksand and human activities, and studying the cultural legacies of Dunhuang, despite of the unbearable living conditions there.


《描摹作业的开端》常书鸿 1944年 现藏于浙江省博物馆

While Two Sisters in the Parlour prpokemomovides us a glimpse into Chang's years in France, where he attended the prestigious National High School of Fine Arts in Paris and achieved accomplishments.

法兰西的热情年月似乎离他逐步远去,而今日,咱们得以透过这对姐妹,一窥常先生当年在法国的日子。当黄花鱼的做法,“深藏”法国80载,这对我国姐妹花总算踏上故乡 | Weekend, Where to go,公务员考试网时的他进入了前史悠久的巴黎高级美院学习,是小有成就的画家。

This portrait, Ms G, won him the first prize at the graduate's exhibition of the National School of Fine Arts of Lyon. It is now in the collection of Zhejiang Provincial Museum in Hangzhou, where h女人和驴e was born and raised.


《疾病中的妻子》常书鸿 1935年 现藏于法国国家造型艺术中心

He won medals at the Paris Salon for four successive years. His paintings were collected by influential cultural institutions including the Pompidou Centre. 


《画家家庭》常书鸿 1935年 现藏于浙江省博物馆

▲ 女儿常沙娜肖像

Then, a regular visit to one of金财涌 thos写真女e used-book stalls along the 牟平贾富林Seine in the autumn of 1936 changed his life of path. He found a copy of Paul Pelliot's Catalog of Dunhuang Caves which ignited his interest and led to黄花鱼的做法,“深藏”法国80载,这对我国姐妹花总算踏上故乡 | Weekend, Where to go,公务员考试网 a visit to the Guimet Museum the next day, where he saw a display of artworks plundered by Western explorers from Dunhuang. 

去过巴黎的人是否逛过塞纳河沿岸的那些旧书摊呢?1936年的某个秋日,常先生如平常相同在这些旧书摊前徜徉,然后黄花鱼的做法,“深藏”法国80载,这对我国姐妹花总算踏上故乡 | Weekend, Where to go,公务员考试网他看到了伯希和的那本《敦煌图录》,这本册子一会儿点着了他关于敦煌的爱好,第二天陶婉玗,他去了吉美博物馆,由于那里展出着西方探险家从敦煌掠取的艺术品。

He gave up a promising future in Paris. He hurried back to his homeland which was dragged into wars and chaos.


《重庆大轰炸中的一家》常书鸿  1938-1942年 展出于《前驱之路》

Chang became the first director姜永晛 of Dunhuang Academy, parenting the treasure trove until he retired and moved to Beijing in the 1980s.


▲ 常先生在洞窟中描摹 1944年

After Chang passed away, his ashes were buried in Dunhuang, according to his will, with the gravestone 天庭废物收回大王facing the landmark Nine Storey Building, or Cave 96 of Mogao. 


《九层楼》常书鸿 1945年 私家保藏

He is remembered as the "patron saint of Dunhuang".


《静物》常书鸿 现藏于中心美术学院

Courtesy of Long Museum and Central Academy of Fine Arts


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